Oddział Międzynarodowy

About us

Opole is undergoing significant transformations, and along with them, the expectations of the community are evolving. Public Primary School No. 20, named after Prince Jan Dobry in Opole, actively responds to these changes and strives to meet new needs. 

Our school is a pioneer in educational innovation, with the first International Class for first graders in Poland, an integral part of public and tuition-free education, launched in the school year 2014/2015. Currently, we have eight international classes, accommodating students from first to eighth grade. 

Children studying in these classes have the opportunity to explore the world in a modern, multisensory way that engages them in learning. The knowledge and skills acquired in this environment are actively used to collaboratively undertake fascinating projects. To ensure the international character of our education, we have established cooperation with the American institution NACEL – Minnesota, USA, which promotes interdisciplinary English language education worldwide by providing appropriate teaching programs. 

Within our curriculum, students cover both the national core curriculum and the American curriculum. Lessons are conducted in two languages: Polish and English, making the program accessible to both Polish children and foreigners residing in Poland. 

Students in international classes learn how to develop creative thinking, solve problems, and create innovative solutions. Through five steps: ask – imagine – plan – create – improve, they learn how to effectively approach future challenges. Collaborative work on Solving intricate problems and riddles and overcoming difficulties strengthens their self-confidence and their sense of capability. 

Our school not only emphasizes the development of creative thinking and problem-solving skills but also places a strong emphasis on expanding students’ knowledge about the United States. Through American programs, our students gain a deeper understanding of U.S. history, society, civic education, and environmental issues. 

This approach allows our students to not only enhance their language skills but also the ability to analyze social and historical contexts. Education in our school enables them to better comprehend the world while enriching their cultural and social horizons. 

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