­čîč Celebrating Columbus Day with 6th Grade Students ­čîč

I’m excited to share how the students of 6D are celebrating Columbus Day this year. While we acknowledge that Columbus Day is a controversial holiday, our decision to celebrate it is rooted in our belief in learning from historyÔÇÖs challenges and complexities. We understand that history is a complex tapestry, and we canÔÇÖt place the blame for everything that happened on Columbus alone.

Our students, with their characteristic enthusiasm for diverse cultures and delicious foods, decided to embrace the occasion by preparing traditional dishes from Italy, Spain, Portugal, and Native American cultures. This not only allows us to explore the rich and diverse culinary traditions of these regions but also serves to honor the cultures that intersected because of ColumbusÔÇÖ voyages.

Agnieszka Kruk and 6d

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