About us

Our international division which is part of the state and the unpaid education has been the first one in Poland. As of November 2019, there are seven international classes: 1c, 2c, 3d, 4c, 5c, 6e, 7e. The classes study both the Polish and the American subjects.

The pupils learn about the world around us in the new form, engaging all of their senses. The acquired knowledge is used in practice when realizing different projects. One example of such project is “Australian Days” done in the school year 2014/2015 when the young learners presented the Australian traditions, customs, cuisine and culture as a result of their independent research.

Another project that was undertook last school year was connected with Black Friday. Instead of getting grades, students had gathered tokens which were used later on as means of payment at the market that we had prepared for that purpose. Students had brought some handmade candies, gadgets and decorations that they could have sold to their friends. It was a fantastic and busy day, not only full of joy but also English and economy! Children have learnt how to sell things, what to say in order to buy something new or how to make wise choices.

What else is so special about us? Our students study mathematics both in English and in Polish and they have chance to speak in Spanish two times a week when they are having their Spanish lessons.

Mission Statement

The Mission of the Public Elementary School nr 20 in Opole is to provide excellent conditions for a comprehensive and harmonious development for a student of the International Division and in the atmosphere of tolerance and a mutual respect. The School is oriented on activities stimulating a balanced students’ development and excelling their skills while paying a close attention to their individual needs and predispositions. We strive to help students cultivate their self-awareness, empathy, courage and tolerance. The entire school environment is set to help students achieve this goal believing that our students will:

  • Use their knowledge to improve the their life and the lives of others,
  • Be creative and self-sufficient, full of respect for others,
  • Communicate in foreign languages,
  • Work efficiently in a group,
  • Care for the natural environment and remain sensitive to other people needs.

School Vision

The vision of the International Division in Public Elementary School nr 20 in Opole, is to provide our students a balanced and comprehensive education that would allow them to fit and excel in the Polish School Environment as well as American Elementary School System. Also, our intense English language class combined with many classes taught in English will enable many other foreign students to advance in their homeland school system where English language is either a native or a crucial part of a solid education.

The classes in our division

In order to ensure the international character of teaching, our division cooperates with the American organization NACEL- Minnesota, the USA. This institution facilitates the cross-curricular teaching of English by publishing the appropriate curricula.

At our division, the students realize both the Polish and the English curricula and the classes are mostly bilingual (Polish and English).

During science lessons, students of the International Division try to achieve their goals according to five steps of the Engineering Design Process, based on the curriculum developed by the Museum of Science in Boston: ask – imagine – plan – create – improve. Each time, students have to accept a challenge and deal with all the elements of that challenge.

The engineering activities are based on real-world technologies and problems and they help children see how disciplines like math and science are relevant to their lives. Moreover, children work on the construction in groups, which build the collaboration and communication skills critical for career success in any field.

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